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A Brief Introduction to the Current Crisis in Gaza

Introduction There’s is a whole lot of attention being directed at the Middle East over the past few days, especially regarding the ongoing crisis in Gaza between Israel and Palestinians. For some, it’s quite easy to be swept up by the rhetoric being tossed around in the media and get a bit confused over the […]

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Hip Hop Petition…

Hip Hop ain’t dead it’s just in exile. Banished by consumerism and sentenced by dead presidents. Convicted by A&Rs and harbored by studios … [Read More...]


Price Tag Day of Love…

Valentine's Day dates back to the Middle Ages, or at least that's what most people believe, for there is different history behind it. Some people … [Read More...]


We Made It In America…

This is a guest post by Brother Emmanuel Hiram Arnaud. On May 22nd, 2013, after a long procession, countless traditional ceremonies, and to the … [Read More...]

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Ten Things I wish I had known as an…

Soon after my graduation from undergrad, I wrote and published an article on 10 things I had learned in college.  People received it well, thanks in … [Read More...]