Spotted: Ayo Adejunmobi (Gamma Gamma Chapter)

At El Iluminador, it gives us much pride to celebrate the achievements of our brothers. In that spirit, we would like to congratulate  Brother Ayo Adejunmobi of the Gamma Gamma chapter on being the   SLB Foundation’s 2011 Fall Semester Scholarship recipient.  Our writer recently met up with brother Ayo for a quick interview, and this is what he had to say.
Full Name:   Ayo ‘Realizado’ Adejunmobi (Sp 09)            
Chapter: Gamma Gamma
Health Sciences Senior at the University of Central Florida

El Iluminador (EI)
: On behalf of the El Iluminador staff, congratulations Brother! How do you feel right now?
Bro. Ayo Adejunmobi (Ayo): I am very grateful for the educational scholarship and plan to use  it for my school expenses throughout this semester.
EI: Could you briefly describe yourself to the readers?
AYO: My name is Ayo Kunle Adejunmobi, I’m originally from Buffalo, NY and my hometown is Tampa, FL. My  nationality is Nigerian and Panamanian. I currently study Health Sciences at the University of Central Florida,  with the intent of going to Graduate School for Physical Therapy. I am  21 years old, and will be 22 as of February 1st.
EI: Can you tell us a little about your path to becoming a brother?
AYO: Prior to my interest in the fraternity, my mother and father had advised me since middle school not to join a fraternity. They told me that it would take too much time away from focusing on academics and that it may not be worth it. Keep in mind that my dad is a member of Phi Beta Sigma, and my mom is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, and so they know exactly how it is to join a Greek organization. However, regardless of what my parents told me, I decided that it was in my best interest to join this most honorable fraternity. I saw the “family away from home” brotherhood that had caught my eye, as well as the culturally diverse individuals whom I related to and knew how to appreciate everything they stood for. Thanks to my line brothers, educators, and brothers of this fraternity, I was forced to open up as a person. What I learned through the process, and being a brother is that life is a test, whether you decide to prepare for this test is truly up to the individual. After becoming a brother I decided to become active on campus right away. In the summer of 2009 I became the new Public Relations Officer for the Diversified Greek Council. From this point on I made sure to be active not only in Greek life but around UCF campus as well. I joined organizations such as the “Filipino Student Association” where I learned the various traditions that this Asian culture possess. I also have what is called an “Ate” in this organization, which means “big sister” in Tagalog, whom I still hang out with every so often. This means a lot to me because I come from a Nigerian/Panamanian background, and so before I joined the fraternity, I honestly did not know much about the Asian culture. I also joined and played an active role as an officer for other organizations such as African Students’ Organization, Hispanic American Student Association, and ENLACE (Engaging Latinos and African American Communities for Education). Throughout the past 3 years I have networked with several students and organizations and have worked my way up to where I am now. Currently the President of both the Diversified Greek Council, my chapter, still an officer for other organizations, and yet still able to display academic excellence. I am humbly, and ever so grateful for the opportunity I was given to join this organization. Until my dying day, I will never stop giving and helping out the fraternity
EI: Since becoming a member, what part of this organization have excited you the most?
AYO: Something that I always enjoy seeing  in our organization is the diversity of our members, and how coming from different walks of life has helped increase the strength of this brotherhood.
EI: What do you feel your biggest contribution to SLB has been thus far?
AYO: My contribution to the fraternity,  is displaying  to others outside of the organization, that being a part of this fraternity is more than just wearing letters, stepping, and strolling. I strive to do well academically, and at the same time very involved with other organizations on campus.
EI: If there is one thing you would like to improve/ enhance within our fraternity, what would it be?
AYO: I would like to see improvement in communication between chapters from the various regions, and perhaps see more cross programming between the different entities.
EI:What are some of your future plans, and what role do you feel Sigma Lambda Beta will have in them?
AYO: My future plan as of right now is to finish my undergraduate studies in Health Sciences, and get into a physical therapy program at one of the many graduate school programs in Florida. One thing that this fraternity has instilled in me is to never give up on striving for success, no matter the obstacles that stand in the way.
EI: Congratulations again Brother! We wish you all the best in your future endeavors, and hope you keep flying the purple and white flag high!
Thank you to all the donors who continue to make the scholarship a possibility.
Undergraduate brothers, be sure to keep your eye open for future scholarships on

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