A Brotherhood Outside of your Chapter

When asked the question, “Why did you choose to join Sigma Lambda Beta?” one of the most popular responses seems to always be, in some form or another, “the brotherhood.” Don’t get me wrong, I find nothing bad about that response. In fact, I think it’s a great reason to want to join.

We are a fraternity that has entities from coast to coast, with brothers of backgrounds from all over the world, and new entities coming to fruition every semester. This leaves us with the opportunity to travel nearly anywhere in the nation to meet up with brothers. An opportunity that allows us to make connections with people that we otherwise would not have had the pleasure of meeting. An opportunity to see how other chapters are ran, events are planned, and brotherly bonds are formed.

Ask any brother who has had the pleasure of traveling outside of their chapter how their experience was. They will, nearly every time, give you a positive response, and quite possibly a story to go along with it.

When asked how beneficial he thinks it is for a brother to travel outside of his chapter, or even outside of his region, alumni brother Eddie Diaz of Kappa Chapter responded, “VERY! You get to meet so many Brothers and really get to understand and feel the Brotherhood…being bound by three letters, brothers are willing to be so hospitable and go out of their way to make sure you have a good time and that you are taken care of.”

The length that a brother will go to in order to help out one of his own, regardless of chapter, is mind-boggling. One of the best examples of brotherhood, that I have ever heard, is a story that comes from a brother who lived, and grew up in Southern California. He was on his way to move out to Iowa to do a master’s program. Before driving himself and his things nearly 1800 miles across the country,  he put his name, phone number, and where he was hoping to stay for the night on the national list asking brothers if they would be able to help him have a place to crash for the night. Almost instantly he got emails with phone numbers of brothers to get a hold of in the area and was welcomed with open arms to the homes of brothers he had never met.

This is just one of the many examples, and reasons why brothers should take a step outside of their chapter, and experience a whole new side of the brotherhood that they won’t be able to find within their home campus. There are so many brothers out there who have not had the fortune of being able to feel the full potentials of one of the main reasons why they chose to join this organization in the first place. Until you have had the pleasure of being able to travel to a different chapter, meet other brothers, share that moment when you first grip a brother, and maybe even being offered a free meal as well as a place to stay, you have not experienced the true meaning of one of our most important pillars- not to mention one of our most frequent calls: “LAMBDA BETAS, COAST TO COAST!”

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About Luke Whitaker

Luke is currently a junior at the University of Iowa, and is participating in an exchange program at l'Université de Paul Cézanne Aix-Marseille III. He has been a brother of Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity for about a year now. He was initiated fall 2011 at ALMIGHTY Alpha Chapter. He loves traveling, learning about new cultures, and learning new languages.

  • I actually joined so I could get to learn about my Latino heritage