Wishing For You…




As the reality of where we stand becomes increasingly transparent

It’s just me, pen, paper, and a pint of vodka in the confines of my apartment

I am seeing you, love of my life, as I have never seen you before

So here it is…My hopes and wishes for my former paramour


“I wish for you the truest of friendships and and everlasting joy

And the love of a caring, driven, and all-about you boy

I am praying you stay as pretty as you are, and all your dreams come true

And more than anything, I wish for you…


No, screw that… All of that-


“I am wishing that your heart be broken time and again

May the vices that run this world be relentless in bringing you pain

May the work of your hands lead you to barren lands

and may the rain fall twice as heavy upon the place you stand


I wish for you pens that blot ink and spoil your favorite shirts,

Salt water and vinegar, nothing else, when you’re dying of thirst

Alarm clocks that don’t work, so you may sleep late and miss appointments

In short, I wish you a long, long life of disappointments


I wish you Chinese cookies that speak only of ill-fate

And that you always be at least ten pounds above your desired weight

May life conspire to set you at odds with your sisters and brothers

And may he grant you a succession of abusive lovers


May you bear insurbodinate kids who show you no respect

And, for as long as you live, may you never know the word ‘perfect’

I am wishing you dried up Christmas trees and thoughtless presents

Above all, may the joy of being alive depart from your presence”


Because I know I can never do better than you…I can only wish that you do worse than me


 (‘Wishing For You’ is part of the Homeward Bound anthology by Shingi Mavima, now available on Amazon here!)

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About Shingi Mavima

Hailing from Zimbabwe, Blessing Shingi Mavima is an alumnus of the Alpha Gamma Chapter at Grand Valley State University (Sp 07). He has since gone on to obtain a Masters of International Affairs degree from Penn State and is currently studying for PhD in African/African American Studies at Michigan State University. Away from school and E.I, Mavima is building a name as a poet (check him out on FB at Mavima Poetry). He is also the co-founder of CLUBHOUSE International, a non-profit focused on community development in Zimbabwe. When he's not writing, Shingi enjoys soccer, yogurt, and Jamaican DanceHall music

  • Etbgumbie

    I like the sudden twist…good stuff

  • Ruvimbo Gwatirisa

    brava!!!! lol. sometimes you really need to just stick it to ’em – ‘u couldn’t tolerate me at my worst, u don’t deserve me at my best’