Marshmallow as a Rock

Marshmallow RockMarshmallow as a rock 

To be determined by the actions of himself,

On a mission of happiness,

Or determination towards wealth,

Soft on the outside,

But hard in the middle

If he’s too sensitive,

In life, his chances are little

But to be able to stand up

Means you’re hard as a rock

But then not to be sure

Means you’re wanted no more

To be a solid white square,

Or to show your presence there,

A jagged solid shape that no one can determine,

But not stopping for satisfaction and not walking a straight line

Always being known and staying on your grind

Marshmallow or rock can be determined

By his actions through time!


Image by poppet with a camera via Flickr

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About Dushawn Roberts

Senior at The Pennsylvania State University. Joining the Outrageous Omicron Alpha Chapter in the Spring of 2011, he became #54 Brother Anicetus. He is Panamanian majoring in Print Journalism with a English Literature minor. Coming from Brooklyn, NY, he likes to write about everything, things from politics to issues going on in the community. He am inspired by poetry, spoken to through R&B music