I don’t want to shave, I want to save!


If you’re anything like me, then you hate having to shave.  Man, I HATE SHAVING.  It’s so annoying.  You have to plan for it, it usually becomes a necessity at the most inconvenient of times, and if you’re late for work, you’re likely to cut yourself.  Ugh!  Mind you, I don’t actually grow that much hair, only enough to make this a nuisance – naturally.

So a couple of days ago I had to shave, so got to it only to realize that I was breaking out my last cartridge… I would be needing more very soon.   That evening  I stopped by the grocery store to pick up some more blades.  As I was browsing the shaving isle, I came upon my blades of choice: Gillette Fusion ProGlide.  There we were, the blades and I, staring at each other.  Honestly, the blades were actually laughing at me.  With a price tag upwards of $20, the blades knew I needed them more than they needed me.  I mean, you’re right, I could have gone to the less expensive Schick but let’s be real, it’s about a dollar or two (I’m still looking at an $18 price tag).   The blades and I did this dance for several minutes.  I picked them up, I put them back, I looked at other brands.  Finally, I said “forget this” and walked away.  The blades hadn’t won, but neither had I.  As my brain turned over because of this turmoil, it remembered this online commercial I had seen a long time ago:

Started by improv actor Michael Dubin, the concept is simple – and a popular one at that.  Forget about forgetting to buy blades, having to make special trips, or having to tango with expensive blades in the shaving isle.  These puppies come to your door just when you need them.  There’s plenty of subscription based services that automagically deliver shoes, beauty products, and even designer underwear to your doorstep on a regular basis for a modest (sometimes) monthly fee.  For the most part, however, this model seems to be more accessible to women.  Most products that offer these kinds of subscriptions cater to women leaving us, men, to fend for ourselves – having to go to the grocery store and have our wallets emptied out right in front of our eyes.  No more, I tell you!

With Dollar Shave Club you get cheap blades, arguably of good quality, delivered to your door every month.  At $1, $6 and $9, you can get your razor of choice without having to put your pants on.  The service even includes the appropriate handle depending on the blade style you get.

For $1, you get The Humble Twin package:  5 twin-blade razors a month with the appropriate handle included with your first delivery.  Keep in mind that you have to pay shipping and handling when you select this package bringing the total monthly fee to $3.

For $6, you get the 4X aka “The Lover’s Blade” package: 4  four-blade razors a month with the appropriate handle included with your first delivery.  This seems a bit more reasonable, and very comparable to what I use.  No shipping and handling, and no taxes (sorry California peeps, you probably gotta pay Uncle Sam – that’s where the company is based).

For $9, you get The Executive package: 3 six-blade razors a month with the appropriate handle included with your first delivery.  DSC describes this one as having a personal assistant for your face.  While $9 is still better than $20, I feel that if I’m gonna save, I want it to be noticeable.  Again, no shipping and no taxes (except probably for California).

Finally, I decided to sign up and get the “4x”.  So let’s fast forward a little over a week later to my first shave.

Some of my research indicated that the handle is rather heavy, I don’t think it’s too big a deal.  Sure, it’s maybe an ounce heavier, but it won’t affect your shave.

Not much one can say about a shaving razor, it does the job, and this one does it well.  The lubricating strip is definitely nothing like my ProGlade, but it’s a fair trade off when all I’m paying is $6 a month.  The lesser quality lubricating strip makes for a rougher stride, but it’s not rough enough to make me want to stop using them.  Plus, you should be using some sort of shave gel, therefore your stride will be smooth and lubricated.

I ended up with a close shave, no razor bumps and I’ve used the same cartridge four times already – and it’s still going!  I may have to subscribe to the “Not So Hairy” plan, and get razors delivered every other month.  That’s $6 every two months on razors!!!  You can’t beat those savings.

To check out your different shaving… I mean savings options check out Dollar Shave Club.

[Image via David Robert Wright of Flickr]

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  • Ricardo Valdes

    mucho de los problemas que existen cuando te rasurar se debn en muchos casos o dependen de que es lo que haces antes de rasurarte. Seria bueno que revisadas turutina de aseo facial, y créeme que se vuelve en algo placentero el afeitarse si lo haces correctamente y con las precauciones debidas.

  • Pablo

    I have never experienced this dilemma in my life #TeamNoShave #TheBeardClub

  • What may be an even better option is a straight razor. 20 dollars at a local sally’s will get you the same straight razor and a box of 100 precut razors.