About Dushawn Roberts

Senior at The Pennsylvania State University. Joining the Outrageous Omicron Alpha Chapter in the Spring of 2011, he became #54 Brother Anicetus. He is Panamanian majoring in Print Journalism with a English Literature minor. Coming from Brooklyn, NY, he likes to write about everything, things from politics to issues going on in the community. He am inspired by poetry, spoken to through R&B music

My SLB Journey: 21 Years Later

This story was contributed by Bro. Nestor Meza of the Xi Delta Chapter at the Metropolitan State College of Denver.  21 years ago, my uncles Roberto Ortiz and Eddie Portillos, along with 5 other men, joined together and established the Lambda chapter at the University of Colorado,m Boulder on April 14th 1991.  I grew up […]

Marshmallow as a Rock

Marshmallow as a rock  To be determined by the actions of himself, On a mission of happiness, Or determination towards wealth, Soft on the outside, But hard in the middle If he’s too sensitive, In life, his chances are little But to be able to stand up Means you’re hard as a rock But then […]

Last Minute Valentines Day Gifts

You’re coming up on a day that most people love.  A day that they want to feel more loved than any other day -even though you should make them feel like that every day!  He or she tells you “I can’t wait to see what you get me!”  The days pass by and the countdown […]

Interracial Relationships: Are We Over the Taboo Yet?

In today’s society, interracial relationships are becoming more popular and accepted than ever before. However, there are still great pinnacles to reach. Many people are still close-minded about the issue and are not willing to broaden their horizons when it comes to dating outside of their race. In my opinion, however, love has no color. […]

It’s Not Official Until it’s a on Social Network

It’s Not Official Until….The way people know that it is true. Scenario: You can tell people that you’re in a relationship. You can say that you work at the White House. You can show me all the legal documentation you want. But until I see it in a news feed item or a profile update, […]