About Ricardo Cortez

Ricky is the Editor-in-Chief of El Iluminador, and he also serves as the Director of Member Services & Development of Sigma Lambda Beta's Executive Office. He is an alumnus of the Revolutionary Zeta Beta Chapter at the University of Florida.

I don’t want to shave, I want to save!

If you’re anything like me, then you hate having to shave.  Man, I HATE SHAVING.  It’s so annoying.  You have to plan for it, it usually becomes a necessity at the most inconvenient of times, and if you’re late for work, you’re likely to cut yourself.  Ugh!  Mind you, I don’t actually grow that much […]

What E.I. enjoyed this summer

The summer has come to an end, and it feels as though Fall came in and took over without as much as a warning.  As I sit here and reminisce of my summer and start to long for its leisure, I’m looking at all the books, music, TV/movies, and such that I may or may […]

Family Is Our Foundation

“It was a breathtaking convention.”  This is how a brother described convention to me… and truly, it was.  We are fortunate that once a year we are able to meet up as a nation to take care of our brotherhood from our learning and development, to our business and growth. Yes, something was buzzing throughout […]

What about Country?

I like Country music.  Never thought I’d say that, but let me say it again: I like Country.  Before you dismiss me, think about the importance of cultural awareness.  Now that I’ve got your attention… Like many of you, every time someone asked me what kind of music I liked, I always said: “everything but […]

E. I. Flashback: Couch Epiphany

Ever since I pledged, I’ve had this notion that somehow membership here was forever, and membership elsewhere was not.  Elsewhere meaning the “mainstream” Greeks.  As with any fraternal organization, this couldn’t be further from the truth, but I never took the time to really think about it.  I took what I was told as gospel, […]