About Shingi Mavima

Hailing from Zimbabwe, Blessing Shingi Mavima is an alumnus of the Alpha Gamma Chapter at Grand Valley State University (Sp 07). He has since gone on to obtain a Masters of International Affairs degree from Penn State and is currently studying for PhD in African/African American Studies at Michigan State University. Away from school and E.I, Mavima is building a name as a poet (check him out on FB at Mavima Poetry). He is also the co-founder of CLUBHOUSE International, a non-profit focused on community development in Zimbabwe. When he's not writing, Shingi enjoys soccer, yogurt, and Jamaican DanceHall music

Doing Good by the Fraternity


Doing right by the Fraternity. For all its good intentions, our organization has to repeatedly go through the inevitable juncture at which we have to revisit our core values in practice.  This is due to nobody’s fault: we are victims of our own success. If SLB is recruiting well, then we recruit from a diverse […]

Learning to Love My Song-Again

learning again2

I have listened to other songs since then and, as good as many of them are, I cannot help but feel that I have heard a better song: and although that same song no longer moves me like it did, I remember that it once did and such are the heights of euphoria for which I yearn.

The Light – In Real Life…

Bro. Maximo Anguiano shares an engaging bit of knowledge with the inmates

“Words may show a man’s wit but actions his meaning.” Benjamin Franklin I like to think that I am handy with the pen. I have written my fair share of pieces for El Iluminador and other publications and, whether the post turned out popular or otherwise, I have always left my sweat and tears on […]

Tolerance: Never Been a Riper Time


So NBA’s Jason Collins is out of the closet. In doing so, he became the first openly gay player in the 4 major U.S pro-sports leagues. The day the notoriously homophobic elements in professional sport had dreaded is finally upon us. Yet, much like the Mayan doomsday and Y2k, the world did not end! In […]

Theories on Beta Extinction


Sitting with my neos, sharing Beta tales of old One disconcerting trend became distinct ‘With such a memory of a glorious past being told How did many formidable chapters become extinct?’ They lost sight of what it means to don this purple and white Put in ten weeks on line, and decided they had it […]