About Shingi Mavima

Hailing from Zimbabwe, Blessing Shingi Mavima is an alumnus of the Alpha Gamma Chapter at Grand Valley State University (Sp 07). He has since gone on to obtain a Masters of International Affairs degree from Penn State and is currently studying for PhD in African/African American Studies at Michigan State University. Away from school and E.I, Mavima is building a name as a poet (check him out on FB at Mavima Poetry). He is also the co-founder of CLUBHOUSE International, a non-profit focused on community development in Zimbabwe. When he's not writing, Shingi enjoys soccer, yogurt, and Jamaican DanceHall music

Finding Space between the Extremes: A Reflection on 30 Years of SLB

That is what Thirty Years of SLB means to me. For three decades now, men of all ethnicities and creeds have congregated and, against all seeming odds in a world that seems to privilege division, brought the little they each had for the benefit of the group, and we all walk away better for it.

The Legacies Are Here…

It was always going to happen. For years now, Betas have bit their tongues when members of other organizations went on about being legacies: their fathers (and often grandfathers) were brothers of their organization, and they are just next in carrying that glorious tradition. Of course it has to be this way: we are much […]

Twenty-Eight Beta Moments That Had Us Hype in 2014

Every now and then, you come across something that makes you smile to yourself, pushes you to the verge of yelling an “LLLBBB!’ and hope the air carries it to the next brother who saw the same. In honor of our 28th anniversary, here are 28th noteworthy moments from 2014

Doing Good by the Fraternity

Doing right by the Fraternity. For all its good intentions, our organization has to repeatedly go through the inevitable juncture at which we have to revisit our core values in practice.  This is due to nobody’s fault: we are victims of our own success. If SLB is recruiting well, then we recruit from a diverse […]

Learning to Love My Song-Again

I have listened to other songs since then and, as good as many of them are, I cannot help but feel that I have heard a better song: and although that same song no longer moves me like it did, I remember that it once did and such are the heights of euphoria for which I yearn.