Out to Sea

Outlasting storms
When sailing at sea
Requires a will to thunder louder

Splendor in the Sauce

In one of those rare moments where expectation and reality meet, my experience as a brother of SLB has been something akin to what the delegates of the United Nations General Assembly might look like if they got together every weekend to outdo one another in the kitchen, and stroll to Trap, Reggaeton, & Dancehall music.

By The Light

As I look up and gaze, I see 18 stars brightly ablaze. And the longer I look into that sky, more stars come forward to my eye. The stars of founders and brothers, who have come and gone, their light shines bright as kings not pawns, Each day our star shines bright through our work […]

Finding Space between the Extremes: A Reflection on 30 Years of SLB

That is what Thirty Years of SLB means to me. For three decades now, men of all ethnicities and creeds have congregated and, against all seeming odds in a world that seems to privilege division, brought the little they each had for the benefit of the group, and we all walk away better for it.

Start With The Brother: The 2015 Leadership Institute Recap

This year’s edition of the Leadership Institute (LI) brought an abundance of issues to the forefront for the undergraduate brothers who traveled from across the nation to attend. Brothers used the weekend at Loyola University in Chicago’s campus to focus on each other’s strengths and bonds within regions and entities. “We started off with a […]