The Legacies Are Here…


It was always going to happen. For years now, Betas have bit their tongues when members of other organizations went on about being legacies: their fathers (and often grandfathers) were brothers of their organization, and they are just next in carrying that glorious tradition. Of course it has to be this way: we are much […]

SLB’s Game-Changing Spoken Word Artists

pablo saba

In an auditory pop-culture world dominated by singers and rappers, spoken word poets are the cross between scholars and musicians. Yesterday’s version of poetry has spurned a new-aged of story-telling, word play, and performance using aspects of rhyming, symbolism, and metre. Often overlooked in the saturation of today’s commercialism, independent spoken word artists are the […]

Twenty-Eight Beta Moments That Had Us Hype in 2014

Champions League

Every now and then, you come across something that makes you smile to yourself, pushes you to the verge of yelling an “LLLBBB!’ and hope the air carries it to the next brother who saw the same. In honor of our 28th anniversary, here are 28th noteworthy moments from 2014

Rest in Peace


Rest in Peace Michael Brown shot six times while unarmed and surrendering. Though kneeling with hands in the air it seems that that officer really didn’t care that you were really just a kid. Rest in Peace John Crawford III murdered at a Walmart for holding a toy gun that the store itself sold. I […]

Doing Good by the Fraternity


Doing right by the Fraternity. For all its good intentions, our organization has to repeatedly go through the inevitable juncture at which we have to revisit our core values in practice.  This is due to nobody’s fault: we are victims of our own success. If SLB is recruiting well, then we recruit from a diverse […]