Hip Hop Petition


Hip Hop ain’t dead it’s just in exile. Banished by consumerism and sentenced by dead presidents. Convicted by A&Rs and harbored by studios owned by private prisons. She has now found a home somewhere in Africa. She was born in the streets of the Burning Down Bronx. Her father was Afrika Bambaataa and her mother […]

Price Tag Day of Love


Valentine’s Day dates back to the Middle Ages, or at least that’s what most people believe, for there is different history behind it. Some people believe that Valentine’s Day is related to St Valentine who in the Middle Ages would marry soldiers when the Catholic Church refused to let soldiers marry because of the belief […]

Learning to Love My Song-Again

learning again2

I have listened to other songs since then and, as good as many of them are, I cannot help but feel that I have heard a better song: and although that same song no longer moves me like it did, I remember that it once did and such are the heights of euphoria for which I yearn.

In Social Media We Trust …

Social Media

Responsibility is a tough word to define.  Some of us might identify responsibility with the fact that we have “our shit” together, while others might define it as being able to know what your duties are at your age. Yet, in a generation that lives on and in social media, we have forgotten how to […]

Mixed Martial Arts before Mixed Martial Arts

mma before mma

If I can speak for all Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fans, I believe I can say–I can’t get enough of this stuff. Mixed Martial Arts these days has it all: champions, entertainment, and story-lines. If you look at the genesis of MMA, as we know it, it derived from inter-mingling the fighting disciplines (karate, judo, […]