SLB’s Game-Changing Spoken Word Artists

In an auditory pop-culture world dominated by singers and rappers, spoken word poets are the cross between scholars and musicians. Yesterday’s version of poetry has spurned a new-aged of story-telling, word play, and performance using aspects of rhyming, symbolism, and metre. Often overlooked in the saturation of today’s commercialism, independent spoken word artists are the […]

Twenty-Eight Beta Moments That Had Us Hype in 2014

Every now and then, you come across something that makes you smile to yourself, pushes you to the verge of yelling an “LLLBBB!’ and hope the air carries it to the next brother who saw the same. In honor of our 28th anniversary, here are 28th noteworthy moments from 2014

Single, But Not Alone

The misconception that you are alone because you are single is what has made our generation one of serial daters. With the constant pressure to find someone to have a relationship with, in the media and from the couples in your life, we forget the most important relationship of all: the one with the person staring […]

Hip Hop Petition

Hip Hop ain’t dead it’s just in exile. Banished by consumerism and sentenced by dead presidents. Convicted by A&Rs and harbored by studios owned by private prisons. She has now found a home somewhere in Africa. She was born in the streets of the Burning Down Bronx. Her father was Afrika Bambaataa and her mother […]

Price Tag Day of Love

Valentine’s Day dates back to the Middle Ages, or at least that’s what most people believe, for there is different history behind it. Some people believe that Valentine’s Day is related to St Valentine who in the Middle Ages would marry soldiers when the Catholic Church refused to let soldiers marry because of the belief […]