Our Team

Amín Fernández

An aspiring filmmaker, amateur bodybuilder and spoken word poet. Hailing from the 'Epic' Epsilon Delta Chapter at Columbia University. (CC'11 majoring in Cinema Studies) Born in the Dominican Republic, raised in the South Bronx. Check out his website @ http://aminefernandez.wix.com/eldompap

Carlos Frevert

Carlos is the former Editor-in-Chief and interim managing editor of El Iluminador. He is an alumnus from the Alpha Alpha Chapter at Purdue University. Be sure to follow his daily adventures on Twitter.

Chris Barrero

Is a proud brother since Fall of 2006 crossing at the "Old School" Omicron chapter. Current interests are in Political Economy, Fiscal Policy, Heterodox Economics, Institutions, Race, Technology, Anthropology, Sociology, and Psychology. You can also follow him on Twitter

Dushawn Roberts

Senior at The Pennsylvania State University. Joining the Outrageous Omicron Alpha Chapter in the Spring of 2011, he became #54 Brother Anicetus. He is Panamanian majoring in Print Journalism with a English Literature minor. Coming from Brooklyn, NY, he likes to write about everything, things from politics to issues going on in the community. He am inspired by poetry, spoken to through R&B music

Eliu Enrique Paredes

Eliu "Virtuoso" Paredes is a Dallas - Ft. Wort Area graphic designer that established his own free lance company, EchoGraphix Multimedia Arts in 2008. He obtained a Bachelors of Arts in Art & Technology from UT Dallas. Eliu became part of Sigma Lambda Beta at Eta Alpha Chapter at the University of Texas in Austin during the Spring of 2005. Since then, he has served as Membership Educator & Alumni Advisor at SMU's Mu Delta Chapter. He is actively involved with the DFW Alumni Association as well.

Julian Gonzalez

Mauricio Amaral

Brother Mauricio Miguel 'C.R.O.N.U.S' Amaral is the first to attend a four-year university and graduate with a BA in English Literature and Communications in his family. He has been a brother since the Spring of 2009 when he crossed as part of the Terrible Tau Chapter at CSU - Dominguez Hills. As an undergraduate he served as Secretary, Treasurer, and President for two terms; as an Alumni he now serves as his chapters Alumni Advisor and also as part of the Southern California Stroll and Step teams. He is now an educator at Camino Nuevo Charter Academy where he teaches Journalism as an Enrichment Program.


Maximo Anguiano is an alumnus from the Alpha Gamma Chapter at Grand Valley State University, former International Board of Directors member (2006-2008), Regional Director of the East (2012-2013), and current Senior Editor of El Iluminador. Maximo's writing specialties are farcical & satirical humor, social commentary, popular/culture phenomena, and other creative/informative pieces. Some of Maximo's writing influences are LGBTQI/Feminist/Civil Rights Literature, Beatnik Writers, the Hip Hop Culture and countless others who've dedicated themselves to the rich culture of expressiveness created and celebrated by artistic movements from around the world. More of Maximo's work can be found on his website.

Nathan Vidal Bunch

Originally from El Paso, Texas, Nathan received a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Bachelor of Arts in Mexican American Studies from The University of Texas at Austin, and his Master of Science in Higher Education Administration at Florida State University. In the Fall of 2007 he joined Sigma Lambda Beta at the Eta Alpha Chapter as #167 Brother Sin Límites. He enjoys writing about politics, cultural awareness, social justice, and domestic issues focused on race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic class, and sexual orientation.

Natalia Salazar


LJ is a graduate of the University of Central Florida, home of the BadBoy Gamma Gamma Chapter. He is a Palestinian/Honduran marketing professional, Spoken Word Poet, and Food Enthusiast born and raised in Miami-Dade County, Florida. He is currently lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand. He is also a contributor to the website www.StackedConcrete.com.

Ricardo Cortez

Ricky is the Editor-in-Chief of El Iluminador, and he also serves as the Director of Member Services & Development of Sigma Lambda Beta's Executive Office. He is an alumnus of the Revolutionary Zeta Beta Chapter at the University of Florida.

Sam Centellas

Sam Centellas is the International President of Sigma Lambda Beta and an alum from the Epsilon Chapter at Western Michigan University. He holds a master’s degree in Education from Grand Valley State University and a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Western Michigan. He is currently the Director of Student Life at Indiana University - South Bend.

Shingi Mavima

Hailing from Zimbabwe, Blessing Shingi Mavima is an alumnus of the Alpha Gamma Chapter at Grand Valley State University (Sp 07). He has since gone on to obtain a Masters of International Affairs degree from Penn State and is currently studying for PhD in African/African American Studies at Michigan State University. Away from school and E.I, Mavima is building a name as a poet (check him out on FB at Mavima Poetry). He is also the co-founder of CLUBHOUSE International, a non-profit focused on community development in Zimbabwe. When he's not writing, Shingi enjoys soccer, yogurt, and Jamaican DanceHall music